Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a very effective marketing strategy that can attract many new customers to any business. Automotive Marketing Help will increase the reach of your car dealership by targeting and engaging potential and existing customers on social media networks. These relationships will create a loyal community of followers and eventually drive more visitors into your dealership. Referrals from social network sites are the next best thing after word of mouth referrals from people you know. Social Media Marketing solutions will extend your reach and get you known.

Creating Social Media Profiles

Automotive Marketing Help will create a profile or a page on various social media networks and be sure to provide pertinent information and details about the car dealership that potential customers are looking for. Potential customers will find a wide variety of contact information on the profile including the phone number, email address, and hours of the dealership.

Engaging Customers and Answering Questions

Social media marketing is a dynamic strategy that allows a business to actively engage its customers and quickly answer any questions that potential customers may have. Customers can easily post questions on the social media page of your business, and you as the owner or representative can respond. This is an additional way of providing “real time” customer support.

With most social networks, there is usually a way to set “alerts” for your business. With “alerts” set, you will get notified every time your alert keyword term is mentioned on that particular social media platform. This is good for staying in the know and having a constant finger on the pulse of what is relevant to your business. Imagine being notified whenever someone tweets about shopping for new/used car. You can offer suggestions, engage them in conversation, and lead them to your dealership.

A Customized Approach

Instead of using a generic strategy, Automotive Marketing Help always uses a customized marketing plan in order to deliver superb results. Our team of experts personalizes the social media marketing techniques to the specific needs and goals of your car dealership. We not only take into consideration each dealership on its own merit, but we customize the posts for each social media platform accordingly. What you post on Twitter won’t necessarily work on Facebook and sending out the same generic posts to all social media networks will have you fail fast.

Customers Can Easily Find Your Car Dealership

Many times, potential customers who are looking for a vehicle search on the Internet for car dealerships in their area. While a customer may be able to find a dealership’s website, the dealership will greatly enhance its online presence by having a strong presence on social media networks.

Viral Advertising

One of the fastest and most effective ways to tell many customers about a new deal or discount is to post it on several social media networks and have it go viral.

When your dealership offers a new promotion, get creative with contests and giveaways and get your audience involved. If you can create enough buzz, social media users will likely share it with their friends, and by sharing information about your promotions, these social media users are providing free advertising for your car dealership.

There are many benefits to using social media marketing, and Automotive Marketing Help will custom design effective social media campaigns that will generate more traffic, build relationships with your customers, effectively promote new deals and discounts, and most importantly . . . help sell more cars.