Automotive Marketing Services

Today when an automotive retailer wants to make potential customers aware of their business and services, it’s important they harness the power of digital marketing. Automotive Marketing Help, a digital marketing agency, knows how to leverage the internet to increase any car dealership’s bottom line. The four main areas where car dealerships can benefit from the knowledge and experience of Automotive Marketing Help are:

  1. Local Search Marketing
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Reputation Marketing
  4. Mobile Marketing

Local Search Marketing

A large percentage of searches on the internet are done to find a local business. While websites are good to showcase your inventory, services and company, if people can’t find you when they do a search, as far as they know, you don’t exist! Using the most up to date automotive SEO strategies, Automotive Marketing Help will get your dealership found in search engine results. Increased exposure on the internet can drive more Ups to your rooftop and can result in a larger return on investment (ROI) than customary newspaper and television ads. Effective local search marketing is an important aspect of every successful company.

Social Media Marketing

It’s important for automotive retailers to learn what areas of social media marketing works best for them. Automotive Marketing Help will be able to provide you those answers. Content that will work on Facebook isn’t necessarily a good fit for Twitter. Social media marketing, when done successfully, can spread a positive word-of-mouth reputation faster than most traditional marketing methods and result in tremendous brand recognition. Social media creates a unique opportunity for car dealerships to interact with customers and/or potential customers outside of the stereotypical car salesman guise. Social media is proven to enhance brand awareness and improve customer relations.

Reputation Marketing

The importance of investing in reputation marketing can’t be stressed enough for any business. Your dealerships reputation is definitely factored into a potential customer’s buying decision. Many people form an instant impression of a company based upon what they read on review websites. Positive reviews have been known to increase sales just as questionable reviews are known to have a negative effect on sales. Automotive Marketing Help has the experience and knowledge to help their customers build a positive online reputation. It’s important for every automotive retailer to be in the know about their company in an effort to establish a stellar reputation. People in general buy from those they know, like, and trust; typically, car salesmen/women are not well liked or trusted, a 5 star reputation is definitely a nice credibility builder.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing for car dealerships will put you ahead of your competition. It’s just a matter of time before the majority is on mobile devices. You can be first or you can be last, but eventually your auto dealership will be using some aspect of mobile marketing. It might be a mobile ready website, text message marketing, and/or quick response (QR) codes. Whatever the sector, car dealers cannot afford to ignore mobile marketing.

Mobile Marketing Fun Facts:

  • A 2010 J.D. Powers and Associates study revealed 20% used a smartphone to help with the purchase of a 2010 to 2012 vehicle lease or purchase.
  • According to NADA facts, 61% who look up a car dealership on a mobile device are going to BUY within 48 Hours.