Reputation Marketing

Reputation marketing is essential for attracting new customers. With the rise of the internet consumers now quickly give feedback based on their experience with a company. A good reputation attracts new customers and can help car dealerships increase their market share. Automotive Marketing Help will help your car dealership improve your online reputation and with it your sales.

Reputation marketing is a combination of reputation management and brand marketing. Car dealerships work hard and spend untold amounts of money to market their brand. At the same time they must work equally as hard to develop the reputation for providing quality customer service. Automotive Marketing Help will work to have your dealership accurately portrayed and associated with not only quality cars but outstanding customer service. This type of reputation is priceless. A sterling online reputation will create loyalty and endless referrals, making it easier to promote your dealership and brand to new customers and in new markets.

According to a Neilsen study 7 out of 10 consumers base their buying decisions on reviews they find on social media and other online sources. This is second only to personal recommendations from people they know and trust. This means the reputation a company develops online is one of their most important marketing tools. Studies done by Harvard Business School and the University of California at Berkeley reported an increase in positive online reviews leads to increase sales almost instantly. In the retail automotive industry that can translate into a huge increase in revenue and a lot of new loyal customers

A car dealership’s good reputation is something that should be guarded at all costs because reputation can make or break a business. Automotive Marketing Help will work strategically with your dealership to improve your online reputation and transform the perception of your car dealership from toxic and/or unknown to a stand out reputation with raving reviews for quality cars and superior customer service.