Local Search Marketing

The competitive nature of the retail automotive industry requires every car dealership to fully utilize the power of online local search marketing to obtain as many customers as possible. Doing this successfully should involve using the knowledge and experience of a digital marketing agency such as, Automotive Marketing Help. Having your car dealership location localized and recognized by people can begin when customers learn about your business online. Automotive Marketing Help, a full service digital marketing agency can develop a local search marketing plan that meets the individual needs of any retail automotive business.

Customers Research Online

Survey results show that 73 percent of all internet search activity is for local products or services. Many people like to look at product reviews and discuss large purchases with other people whether online or in person. What other people have to say about the product, service and/or experience has a direct impact on buying decisions. When it comes to buying or leasing a car (new or used), a good majority of consumers are doing research online before visiting the actual dealership. They’re educating themselves with information on not only the make and model of the vehicle they’re interested in, but also listening to other people’s direct experience with the dealership. For this reason, it’s very important for car dealerships to have the best possible online presence. This builds credibility and will encourage customers to visit the dealership with the most attractive visible online presence to learn more about the car they are interested in.

The Advantages of  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Research shows that 80 percent of those who search local will then call the business or make an in-person visit. Automotive Marketing Help knows how to help car dealerships develop the best possible online automotive SEO campaigns. Properly implemented, local search marketing strategies will make the car dealership as visible as possible whenever a potential customer is conducting an online search. Increased position for search results will result in an increase in website traffic, customer visits and sales. The team at Automotive Marketing Help will help your retail automotive business in doing this and make it cost effective for any budget.

Local Search Marketing Works Around the Clock

One of the best aspects of developing an effective online local search marketing plan is that it will be targeting customers around the clock. Automotive Marketing Help will assess, strategize and customize a marketing plan to provide you the best results. Properly localizing the essential keywords on a website and other web properties has been proven to be effective. An assessment, research and consultation are all part of the process to help determine the keywords we’ll use to target potential customers in your geographic location. Once we agree on specific localized buyer keywords, we then focus on getting your web properties to be returned in the top search results. This type of online marketing is a low-cost marketing investment that never stops producing results.